Repair Quote - HP Hyundai Terracan

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Repair Quote - HP Hyundai Terracan

Unread post by mcake » December 9th, 2011, 5:06 pm

Hi All,

I have a quote to have my Terracan 05 fixed, $1,100
It has an inoperative front differential lock diaphragm actuator, needs a new actuator. 6.5 hrs to do job.
Is this a reasonable quote (Newcastle area (Australia)). :confused:

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Repair Quote - HP Hyundai Terracan

Unread post by Mungrel » December 9th, 2011, 6:25 pm

Does that include the part and labour?
Is it at a dealership?
Mst mechanical shops charge around $100 / hr now days, so you can be pretty sure at least half of that will be labour.
I,d be inclined t ring a dealership with your vehicle vin number, tell them the part you require and see what price they come back with. If it's around $550, your mechanic is probably not ripping you off, if the part is $300 or less - get another quote from another mechanic.

Hope that's of some help.
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