Musso with squeak converted to 2WD!

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Musso with squeak converted to 2WD!

Unread post by Spacecab » June 7th, 2011, 9:32 am

A friend of mine had a problem with a squeak somewere in the front of his Musso and tried everything to find it to no avail.
After finding that his front CV joints were shot he decided, because he never went offroad, to convert to 2 wheel drive. He removed the front CV shafts and when he removed the diff drive shaft he discovered where that elusive squeak was coming from. There is a large ball between the 2 universal joints and over time it had dried out and there was the squeak.
He also lowered it by 50mm and to be honest it looks good. It's also a bit of a hand full on wet roads now but that's OK it's only a go to work vehical.
Another bonus is the fuel consumption has dropped about 20% on what it was previously.

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Re: Musso

Unread post by Musso98 » May 1st, 2012, 9:05 am

Hi Spacecab,

Now that inner joint in the front driveshaft on the Petrol Musso's is forgetten about a lot. To grease it and keep it in tip top condition you and anybody else for that matter who owns a petrol engined Musso needs to get a needle attachment for their grease guns. The attachment is available on ebay from the USA. The attachment looks like a big needle. Now it is used by Lincoln vehicles as they are full of those types of joints. They will cost about $5 Australian and about $6 postage. Now I have also found that most mechanic's do not enven know about that joint and just do not service it, so the joint dries out and then you are up for a new front tailshaft which will cost around the $1300 mark. If you want to know more then go to -


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