Great Wall V240 SIngle cab/chassis ute horn wiring mod

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Great Wall V240 SIngle cab/chassis ute horn wiring mod

Unread post by Radiorat » February 8th, 2011, 2:08 pm

For those of us that want to amplify the horn action, wiring the V240 is a bit confusing.
I put in a triple air horn set and wired it so i can switch in the standard horn when wanted ( rego checks usually!)

If you look under the dash by taking off the cover, ( 3 screws and pull backwards), there is a yellow tube covered wire set coming down from the steering column. this contains the air bag trigger and the horn wire.
The horn wire comes off separately from the yellow tube and goes from left to right under the steering column into a plastic connector.
Simply cut the wire and put a switch in.
The horn is ground switched, so put 12 VDC on one side of the horn relay, and connect the other side through the switch to the horn button.

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