Coolant overflow venting

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Coolant overflow venting

Unread post by fullbost » April 11th, 2018, 10:12 pm

Hi guys,
Iv got a 2013 dmax over the Easter break I towed a camper after getting too our destination and checking the engines fluids I found some coolant stains around the overflow bottle vent. Also noticed the overflow bottle was full to the brim.
Once cool I opened the radiator cap which made the overflow bottle even more over full and topped up the radiator fluid.
For the return trip I connected my scan gauge. One inclines the coolant was getting to 98-99 degrees. Once home I notice the coolant had again vented slightly from the overflow bottle.

Due to a mates suggestion I removed the radiator and took it to a radiator shop in case it was internally blocked. Turned out most of the water valleys were pretty blocked up. Iv put a new radiator in with a new thermostat and rad cap.

Now iv been doing some reading online on new dmax forum seems that a few people have had the same issue and it has turned out to be a head gasket issue.
How can I tell if my head gasket is leaking?
Also how hot does your dmax usually run when towing ?
Sorry guys just really paranoid as my dmax is warranty is ending in a couple of months.


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