Keen for a zuzu, but got some questions?

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Keen for a zuzu, but got some questions?

Unread post by pedro nissan » July 3rd, 2015, 10:23 pm

So I'm pretty keen to get into an isuzu , but have a few questions first. I'v owned 4wd Uttes before and do love the economy and practicality. I currently drive my dream 4wd and it ain't so dreamy. So here I go
When was the last isuzu 4 door made that WASN'T common rail?
Can the front and rear be locked without air ( mechanical or electric)
Are there any long range tank options
Can the front be lifted with any success ( travel and articulation)

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Re: Keen for a zuzu, but got some questions?

Unread post by macka17 » March 9th, 2016, 4:00 pm

Your "dream" ute wouldn't be a Toyota would it"
Nuff sed.

Basically pre commonrail is a long way back My 2010 is.

You can fit whatever you like. Air.Non Air, Mechanical auto.

Same with tanks.
Steel are a ridiculous price. I went/am going the plastic. diesel and water.

Mine is a "hi riser". but pre coils we are restricted to around 2 in max b4 CV's play up.
after 2012 they coil all round but still restricted to CV range.
Most use higher walled tyres (75/80)

As a ute. the D-Max would be top of the heap. look how many are going over to them.
Made by a truck manufacturer not cars as the others are.
a bit basic (hey they a UTE) but super reliable economical and efficient.
Read the different forums on which has and doesn't have problems.
then buy yourself a D-Max.

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