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Unread post by samforum39 » April 8th, 2009, 11:54 am

hey lads... new to 4bying recently baught a 93 sxp widetrack feroza 11. would love to start kitting it out but i have no idea where to start. pretty clueless with any 4wd really! it goes really well off road and on the sand however a bit more height as well as power would be nice! i have been told extractors and full exhaust would be a good place to start. how much am i looking at? and any ideas on how to go about it? cheers , Sam

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Unread post by mrbenwithag » April 15th, 2009, 1:12 am

hey mate,
first decide how far you want to go off road. theres no point spendin big dollars on lifts, lockers and winches and if you only hit light bush and beach tracks.
if you want to get into the more difficult tracks, i'd look at a 2inch lift to help get some clearance and flex. a decent set of all terrains or muddies. maybe some bar work to help protect the panels.
extractors and an exhaust system will give you some extra oomf. also try fittin a pod filter. as for price i got no idea.
but in sayin this, if your searchin for power to get you further offroad, thats not really the right solution. more power iss usually needed for towin, pushin bigger rubber. and the sheer fact of saying iv this this and this done to my engine. haha.
decide what you wona do with it and go from there. rule of thumb though, the further and harder you push off road, the harder you have to shove your hand into your pocket after something breaks.

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