blown head gasket

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blown head gasket

Unread post by mcalpine75 » June 14th, 2014, 5:44 pm

Hi there just wondering if anyone could help me?? We've pretty much such we've blown the head gasket our feroza what are some good tipson what we should do to make sure the car is right for my daughter. In need of advice.

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Re: blown head gasket

Unread post by Peter Aawen » June 20th, 2014, 12:18 am

If it's only the head gasket, it shouldn't be too hard to fix. Still, probably worth getting the head crack tested while it's off. Sort that, and make sure that the compression is ok afterwards, and maybe get a cooling system service too (local radiator place, remove rad, clean, back flush it & entire system, check everything out & bring it all up to speed, new coolant & rad cap, hoses & clamps replaced if nec, reassemble, purge system to remove any air pockets (trapped air could crack head or block!!!) and pressure test too) and that end should be orright!

These little engines are hi revving hi tech things, they thrive on revs, and really NEED to be revving up over 3000 rpm to be working right, but they can do that all day... They benefit from extractors & a free flowing exhaust (with hi flow cat) & with a good set of tyres on them, they can be extremely capable off road as well as a barrel of fun anywhere!!

There are little lifts available for them, the IFS means you can't lift more than 40 mm up front without spending more money/time to get the steering & geometry sorted properly/safely, but the back can handle a set of 50mm lift leaves well - don't extend shackles on them, it makes for unpredictable handling issues! Some good shocks all around will help a lot in the ride department, but they are a small & light short wheelbase vehicle, so the ride will always be somewhat choppy, & that gets worse if you lift them too high! There is a 100 litre Long Range fuel tank replacement available for them, well worth it & a very handy range increase...

My wife & daughter have each had one in the past & loved them, now our younger son has one slowly getting modded... Ours have done the Simpson & travelled extensively in the High Country as well as through most of the 'usual' SE Aust 4WD destinations, all without major hassles - you could do a lot worse than choose a Feroza as a small 4WD truck (& they are far more robust than almost anything else in the same size category!! ;) )

Good luck with the head, hope your daughter enjoys the Feroza :)
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