A Challenge - 1990 Feroza questions

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A Challenge - 1990 Feroza questions

Unread post by Adrian4x4 » September 9th, 2013, 5:18 pm

Hey guys!!!!
First post so thank you for reading. I have recently purchased a 1990 Feroza to use as a beginner 4x4. I've been hearing very good things about it. The question is - the vehicle has a alloy bull bar which was customised to fit a cheap 3000lb winch - which I have removed. I am looking to find out if a) the alloy bar would support a decent winch or b) replace the winch.
I have been looking around and cannot find anyone that makes bars for the feroza anymore. The only place I have found makes custom tube bars. Can anyone provide some info. Any would be appreciated.


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Re: A Challenge - 1990 Feroza questions

Unread post by kalla20 » September 9th, 2013, 5:35 pm

G'day Adrian, your right in saying yummy have heard good things they are a great little rig, I have seen bars for these on eBay and gumtree but they are second hand, if the current winch was only 3000 the mounts made may not for another or bigger winch although if it is on a separate cradle to the bar in theory it should work although it may need some modifications. Just look around for some measurements and see how they would work.
Good luck and have fun wheelin

Cheers Jake
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