Questions and Intro

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Questions and Intro

Unread post by dogsledder » February 25th, 2010, 9:47 pm

Hi guys n Gals
Just purchased my new car, a 1999 Holden Frontera SE (LWB)
pretty happy so far with it all, but only had it for about 3 days :P
Just a few questions i have got.

I have heard that you can't (or shouldnt) do a body lift on them because of the airbags? Is this true

Would a 2" suspension lift be suitable for 4wding. I want it for weekend fun n adventure, but also as a daily driver. I would like it to be able to go through moderate tracks.

Also where are some good beginner tracks to go on?
I have a holiday house in dwellingup so i'm gonna check out those soon, i've been to alkamos and wedge before. are they still accessable or are they now all blocked and watched by rangers?

anyway people, i'll post some pics of my ride later, love it so far - has side steps, nudge bar, roof racks and tow bar already on it :) GREAT! and only 120K kms on the clock so still runs awesome!

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Unread post by 98fronty » March 21st, 2010, 6:14 pm

hi, 31's and a 2" suspension lift should be fine for most stuff but to get a fair bit further if your lsd works well a front locker wouldn't go astray. not sure on the body lift. ironman do pretty good lift kits for frontera's. good luck post a pic or 6 in the show us your frontera's and mu's thread would love to see it there. cheers 98fronty.

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