4JG2 to 4JJ1 Conversion

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4JG2 to 4JJ1 Conversion

Unread post by claypot75 » November 4th, 2015, 8:36 pm

Howdy folks, i've been on here for quite some time, sitting in the corner doin not much. But, of late I have be very busy, having been locked up in the shed working away on my Jackaroo. It was a 3.1 4jg2 with a bazillion k's on it, and it was just getting plain tired. So, decided a power up was in order, and that the dmax 4jj1 was the preferred choice. So, set about sourcing one and doing the conversion.

Long story short, that sucker is now running a 4jj1 auto. It runs, its not quite finished yet, was a lot of work, but easy in many ways, and yet, very complicated to 'blend' in.

Ive attached a couple of pics, just so you can beleive what you're reading.

Im sure there will be a flood of questions on how to do it, all i can say is, im happy to answer them within reason, as its a decent sized conversion, theres loads to consider. Keep in mind, ive done it on the old early gen2 jackaroo, so no airbags, ecus, body control modules or security, which makes the conversion a lot easier in many ways. Whatever you do, dont think that its possible to use part of ypur existing loom and try to blend it in with the dmax one!

Anyway, enough of my jibber jabber, heres some pics
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