3.2 97 petrol manual jackaroo gutless

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3.2 97 petrol manual jackaroo gutless

Unread post by ants1986 » January 21st, 2015, 10:35 pm

I have a 1997 3.2 jack and i get 400km per tank. Is that right? And it revs bout 2800 doing 100km/h. It chews petrol like
It's water and it's got no balls. What could be wrong?

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Re: 3.2 97 petrol manual jackaroo gutless

Unread post by Jimmy Wood » January 22nd, 2015, 12:13 am

Its a petrol motor in a heavy car = very thirsty from the factory.

I doubt a 3.2L petrol motor in a fairly large car would have much in the way of balls at best. Its not a 5L V8, so you cant really expect that much from it.

How bigs the tank? I only get 400kms from my wifes barina (but that's only 35L)

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Re: 3.2 97 petrol manual jackaroo gutless

Unread post by Mungrel » January 23rd, 2015, 9:19 am

Are you towing or loaded up at all?
I had a 1992 model with the 3.2, and your fuel economy sounds as bad as mine did heading back to Perth, 400km to a tank (barely), however this was the car fully loaded with roof rack, towing a 7x4 trailer also loaded up.

Something is wrong with yours I suspect.
Things to check:
Oxygen (O2) sensor, (I've got a new Bosch one here I never got round to fitting if you need one cheap down the track)
Check basics like air filter and plugs
I think the MAP sensors could also adversely affect fuel economy.

It might be beneficial to take it to an old school workshop that can analyse the exhaust gasses to tell if it's running rich, or a reputable workshop that can scan for codes, I suspect being 1997, you should have an OBDii port for diagnosis, though someone can confirm this no doubt, I believe it'll be located under the dash on the drivers side.

When mine was unloaded, I'd average about 17L / 100km, and I wasn't shy with the accelerator.
From memory, while driving to WA I averaged about 25-27L/100km.
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