RA7 Rodeo Electric Mirrors angling forwards past extend?

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RA7 Rodeo Electric Mirrors angling forwards past extend?

Unread post by slr1968 » June 7th, 2017, 7:55 pm

Hi all. Got a odd issue with my Rodeo, can someone tell me how to stop the side mirrors driving forward past the extended position. They haven't been retracted and every time i turn on the ignition one or sometimes both drive forward to a 45 degree angle. i have tried everything i can think of without success.

Any ideas???



Peter Aawen
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Re: RA7 Rodeo Electric Mirrors angling forwards past extend?

Unread post by Peter Aawen » June 7th, 2017, 9:20 pm

Hey Sean, a while back I had a bit of exposure to a bunch of kids getting in trouble with the local authorities & basically heading for jail; Imended up taking them on 4WD Trips & into the bush to give them a bit of respect for themselves & confidence in their abilities to manage despite hardships, buuut, in doing so, I found out that one of the things 'the lads' used to do to annoy people they wanted to pi... err, get back at, was to push their mirrors forwards to that 45 degrees forwards angle! Then they'd hang around to laugh at all the futile attempts to resolve the angled forwards mirrors!! Sorta like other kids in an earlier 'less techno' time used to flip windscreen wipers off the glass... I'm sure you get the drift! :rolleyes:

Apparently, most mirrors with that 'fold-in feature' when you stop have a ratchetted cam or two in there somewhere that retains the operating position, & by pushing them forwards by 45 degrees or so when the mirrors are folded, the mirror will still think it is folded; so turning the ign on will make it swing out another 90 degrees regardless, so it ends up angled fwds 45 deg & will never fold back closer than 45 deg back towards the body!! I can vouch for how annoyed it made the people the caught that way!!

The solution then was to get the mirror while it was in that canted fwds position & (carefully) push it back into the proper 90 degrees out position, listening to it click over the cam teeth along the way & cringing at every click! Once that's done, turning the ignition off will fold them in properly & then from there on, turning the ign on will open them into the proper position too!! I'd suggest talking to your dealer to make sure that YOUR mirrors are likely to do that/work that way first, but I suspect a little (carefully applied) brute force will fix your problem! And even if your problem isn't quite the same, I'd still suspect the issue being something to do with the arms & servo's that operate the mirrors in there coming loose or being misaligned. ;)

Good Luck!

Ps, for those who are interested, none of those kids ended up in jail, most are now productive & happy members of society; & funnily enough, they all now have a deep interest in the bush & 4Wheeling! :thumb:
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