2006 Rodeo 3lt diesel injector pump not pumping - fixes?

Graeme M
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2006 Rodeo 3lt diesel injector pump not pumping - fixes?

Unread post by Graeme M » May 13th, 2016, 6:01 pm

Hello Gents,

A friend has a 2006 Rodeo that had a "Insuficient EGR Flow" warning light come up. They fixed that problem with a new EVRV valve? (apparently this tells the EGR valve to open)

After that the fault went away.
Then he cleaned water out of a water catch filter, changed the engine oil and other filters.
Primed the fuel with the hand pump until it was bleeding diesel out of the inlet to the injector pump.
But the pump wont pump fuel to the injectors.

Any clues?


Peter Aawen
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Re: 2006 Rodeo 3lt diesel injector pump not pumping - fixes?

Unread post by Peter Aawen » May 17th, 2016, 2:35 pm

Has the fuel Shut-off solenoid spat the dummy?? If that dies 'shut', you'll get exactly what you describe - fuel all the way, just not coming out of the pump/heading to the injectors.... :purplex:

Sometimes, if you can find the wires leading to the fuel shut-off solenoid, just hooking the wire that's not connected to a nearby earth directly to a charged battery, it will give it just enough 'extra' kick to open the solenoid & let the car run. If that doesn't work & you can see & remove the shut-off solenoid itself, sometimes you can plug the resulting hole with the right sized plug/bolt (on Patrols, you can use the same plug as their sump plug.... IF you can get the solenoid out!!) & the engine should then run (if that's the problem of course) but you'll hafta stall it out to stop it running! Worth a look I guess....

Good Luck :thumb:
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