Inaccurate Fuel Gauge - here's what I found & my fix!

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Inaccurate Fuel Gauge - here's what I found & my fix!

Unread post by toughxa » November 13th, 2015, 10:45 pm

Hi all, just posting a solution to fix my fuel gauge problem in my 04 3.0L iTD.

The problem was the gauge would only read 3/4 when the tank was full and the empty light would illuminate around the 300km mark.

Firstly I removed the fuel tank from the ute to clean the dirt away from around the pick up / sender unit. After removing the unit from the tank the first thing I did was check the resistance of the sender unit finding that at full it was ~20ohms and empty ~130ohms. This is the same reading I got when testing a spare unit I'd been given.

Plugging the unit back into the harness while it was out of the tank and moving the float manually with the ignition turned on, I found the gauge to read correctly.

In the end I found that for reasons unknown to me (maybe a generic pick up for a range of different tanks for Holden), the bottom half of the pick up that is connected by two steel shafts are spring loaded. These springs had jammed up in the compressed state due to what I'd think would be from corrosion, this caused the pick up to sit higher in the tank and stopping the float from going any higher than 3/4.

I didn't want to break anything and couldn't find a way to pull the bottom half of the pick up apart without using force so I just worked the springs back and forth flushing it out with some carby cleaner. In the fully extended position I installed it back into the tank and it bottomed out with the top out of the tank by about two inches which I then compress to install. I'm guessing it had about 15L in it and the gauge read a touch above empty and after filling it up at the servo it now reads full, Hooray!!!

I don't why or how the pick up was compressed more than it was required to be, whether it had been removed previously or the diesel moving around in the tank may have enough force behind it, who knows, I'll see how long this fix lasts.

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Re: Inaccurate Fuel Gauge - here's what I found & my fix!

Unread post by anothertime » May 1st, 2018, 9:16 pm

Excellent! I have an 09 Colorado Dual cab that does the exact same thing, I'll try this asap. I note this was some time ago that you posted this. Has it happened again?

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