Want all the info on owning a Ford - Explorers or raiders?

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Want all the info on owning a Ford - Explorers or raiders?

Unread post by Pally1987 » August 13th, 2014, 11:42 pm

Hi guys
I was wanting to know what it's like owning a Ford, a Raider or an Explorer? How well do they fare off road? What are they like to work on? Are parts easy to get? What is the fuel consumption like? Are they under powered? If so, what can be done to fix this?

When it comes to Explorers, I am particularly wanting to know what the costs are for owning and running a 5 speed V6 automatic Explorer. I've heard timing chains are a pain on them and that automatic transmissions blow?

Is the transmission due to lack of maintenance or do they genuinely fail? Also what's the average cost to replace timing chains.

And lastly, fuel cons. What do they seem to use on average?

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Re: Want all the info on owning a ford raider?

Unread post by Matt_Raider50 » August 15th, 2014, 2:19 am

Here's my life story about Raiders haha should give you a bit to read
Ive taken mine all through the Kimberley twice up to Cape Leveque both about 8000km round trips and had no dramas at all, at the time it was a little neglected didnt do a single service throughout the trip and wasnt till months later on the second trip that I finally decided to do an oil change but the car held up fine, even did another long trip right through Arnhem Land and Kakadu did just about all the river crossing with no problem at all except for one which come right up over the bonnet and was really long had no snorkel at the time so thought it was a good Idea to get towed through (didnt want to have to swim out for a recovery with all the crocs around), was plenty of other deep river crossing just not as long and did them fine just a little cough every now an then as the coil got a little wet. Had a previous courier which was basically the same thing just a ute, while being silly I drowned it twice (water was coming in over the windows) just pulled it out let it dry for a few minutes and started up and ran fine owned that for a few more years sold it and its still getting around today.

I have mates with expensive hiluxes navaras cruisers the lot and most of them are all scared to do the difficult looking stuff in their cars till they see the Raider go first cause I dont have as much to lose haha an when they see it get through most things just fine they all follow, capability wise I think it will do just about most things you will come across put in a front locker an you have a pretty capable fourby, its one of those things that really comes down to the driver and your ability to improvise.

To work on I have found there quite good hardest thing I have come across to change was the starter motor just a little tricky to get around the engine and wiring once the bolts are removed other than that I havent had much trouble accessing anything. Parts are really easy to get especially engine stuff as the G6 motors were in Bravos and Couriers right up until they changed to BT50s and Rangers, Ive picked up complete cars with just blown motors for under $500. The rear side windows are almost impossible to get though should you ever need one. Aftermarket parts/accessories wise there isnt the greatest range out there compared to more popular model 4WD's but there is still some good stuff around.

Fuel consumption isnt the greatest i think my average was about 14-16L per 100k's not a whole lot you can do about this I did have LPG aswell but didnt like using it I mainly ran on petrol an put up with the cost. With power it had enough for what I ever needed it to do, youll never be the fastes off the lights but for getting around town it kept up with traffic fine. Towing the boat and mates project cars on trailers it was fine, slowed down and couldnt do much above 80 while going up a slight gradiant with the trailers but could still cruise at 110 on the flat stuff, wouldnt like to do it for too long a distance though if I had a choice. You can get hold of extractors for pretty cheap along with and exhaust and it would help out a bit but I never saw the need for it.
My biggest tip would be to look after the cooling system though I think this is the biggest down side for these cars, as long as you keep it in good order you shouldn't have a problem.
I could go on forever about Raiders (and couriers) I think theyre a great 4WD for how cheap you can pick em up for, and very underrated.
Definitely dont regret getting mine its taken me heaps of places with no major dramas (nothing any other make wouldnt have to deal with) and kept ahead of many other 4wd's. The only reason I eventually decided on doing a diesel engine conversion was because I plan on keeping it for a lot longer and the old petrol was getting a little tired so thought I'd see if it was possible and improve an already quite capable 4wd just a little bit more.
If you ever have any more questions feel free to ask Im more than happy to answer them.

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Re: Want all the info on owning a Ford - Explorers or raider

Unread post by smac » April 20th, 2015, 11:20 pm

good reply mate. wish the Raider came out with the diesel from factory!

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