CREATING NEW THREAD - Please read me first

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CREATING NEW THREAD - Please read me first

Unread post by Nemesis » July 20th, 2007, 5:33 pm


From now on, before you post a new thread, you need to know a few simple points that will make everyone's visits here much more enjoyable.

1. Search! The search function (yep, it's up the top under your name) is there for a reason. You can bet someone's asked already what mileage you could expect out of a set of BF-Goodrich Mud Terrains, so why not search for 'bfg mud terrain'?

2. Does my thread topic belong here in this section?
Does the subject of your topic fit in this general section? Keep in mind what you want to talk about then go to our main forum display. Have a look and find the section that bests suits what you want to discuss/ask. This ensures people that are also interested in the topic will find it and you will have more look with an answer!

3. Meaningful thread names.
Please don't start threads with overly simple titles like 'Should I' or 'Tyres' or any single word/basic title that doesn't let people know what the topic is exactly.

Instead, make your title specific like 'What tyres work well on the rocks?' or "Suspension to suit 80 series Landcruiser" as opposed to just calling it 'suspension'. See, it makes it easy for people to know exactly what the topic is.

To make the forum function better any topics, particularly in the tech sections, that don't have a meaningful thread name will be deleted with no notice given in an effort to make the forum easier for all to navigate.


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