wiring a scan gauge to 80 series landcruiser

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wiring a scan gauge to 80 series landcruiser

Unread post by mad_mat222 » July 1st, 2017, 6:43 pm

Hi All,

I've thrown this in general and not electrical or landcruiser section because it should be of interest to quite a few with older, but not ancient vehicles.
I have an '92 80 series land cruiser 1hdt. Like most 80s it has the port in the engine bay which I assume is obd1. Has anyone modded so that you can use a scan gauge? Is it possible. I'm no sparky so I don't know if you need extra sense wires etc. There's a fair bit on the net about obd2 but all refers to you either having it or not having it. It would be cool to use the gauge. I'd assume there might be some loom work to do but would not be too outrageous given toyota has not changed much in 40 years!

Any idea, trials, or tribulations?


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Re: wiring a scan gauge to 80 series landcruiser

Unread post by wombats80 » September 23rd, 2017, 8:15 pm

The port in the engine bay is DLC-1

The best answer i saw out there was this from ih8mud "If its ODB1, the closest you'll get to a ScanGauge I believe is a paper clip"

The good old days, they're good because they're old. I'd doubt there's much of any worth to be extracted or monitored. It wasn't difficult to find what looked like a DLC-1 to OBD2 adaptor on Amazon but i'd be interested to know if it's of any value to anyone.

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Re: wiring a scan gauge to 80 series landcruiser

Unread post by 1640hunter » January 14th, 2018, 7:57 pm

The 1HD-T being fully mechanical - there's no interesting data to be had anyway. You'd have to install a full set of your own custom sensors

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