4WD utes are more popular among 4WDers than ever before. Their versatility, capability off the blacktop, and their ability to be transformed into capable camping rigs is legendary. To make life a little easier for you when out on the tracks in your ute, we have compiled some of the best tray and tub mods that you can do yourself at home (and maybe with a little help from a couple mates!). Take a look at some of these cracking ideas.

[blockquote cite=”” type=”center”]”These tray and tub mods will have you itching to get back in the shed customising your ute!”[/blockquote]


This custom spare wheel carrier made from steel tubing was designed to replace the standard tailgate and to house an easily accessible spare wheel. With its wicked and unique design, it’ll make your ute stand out on the tracks for sure. (You might need to get a couple mates to help you with this one though).


This is the perfect cooking table for those weekends on the tracks. It takes up next to no space, quick and easy to setup as it just clips onto the side of the tray and it works a treat. This is one of those very simple mods, but one that will make all the difference when out on the tracks; what more do you need?


Have a fibreglass canopy on the back of your ute and want to be able to chuck things on the top of it, like a rooftop tent? Well then you need to have one of these rollbars inside your canopy. Its steel frame supports the canopy, allowing you to carry heavy items on top of your ute. This is a must have for a tourer with a canopy.


These LED work lights are great lights to mount into your canopy. They are designed so you can either point them into your tray or tub to find gear at night, point them down on your tailgate if you’re cooking up a meal on it, or point them facing outwards when at camp. With endless possibilities, it’s a win-win!SHAUNO’S LED LIGHT STRIPS

“I got five metres of LED light stripping online for only $20 bucks! I put it around the inside of the canopy doors, so when I open them up I’ve got extra light in the back of the 79 Series. It really comes in handy and it’s so simple to install, and for the price, it’s worth every cent.” – Shauno


How’s this for storage. This slide out pantry was custom made to allow the storage of food, without compromising too much space in the back. With it being simple and cheap to make, why wouldn’t you make one up this weekend? Check out even more great tray mods on this HiLux on page 68.


This simple yet effective mod shows the versatility of utes; you can literally mount anything nearly anywhere. Here the high-lift is mounted inside the tailgate, allowing easy access to it when needed. It’s a good little mod that takes away the worry of your high-lift getting nicked by some grub out on the tracks.


Need that extra bit of storage space in the back of your ute? This storage shelf is mounted to the top of the canopy, so it’s out of the way, giving you more space to store those odds and ends.


If you sleep in the back of your ute when out on the tracks, you know it can get pretty damn hot in there. So, why not install a fan? It’ll keep you cool and comfortable on those hot nights out bush, we think this is a must have mod if you like to sleep in your ute.


Imagine having a bar fridge built into your canopy. Well, here you go! It’s takes a little bit of work to set one of these bad boys up built into the canopy, but the result speaks for itself.


Every ute owner knows the feeling of having to climb into the back of their ute to get something that has somehow found its way to the other end. This design solves that. It is a heavy duty slide that allows you to pull out everything at once, making it easier to access that hard to reach gear when out on the tracks.


When it comes to camping, this setup takes the cake. This slide on/off camper is the ultimate mod for your ute. With a slide out kitchen, fridge, rooftop tent; it’s got the lot. You’ll be living like a king out bush with one of these things!


This has got to be one of the coolest and most effective ways to store your spare wheel. It’s a spare wheel mounted between the cab and the canopy. It’s custom built and drops down, allowing easy access to the spare.

Well there you have it, some of the best tray and tub mods you’ll find. Now it’s time to get back in the shed and put these ideas we’ve given you to good use.

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