What's the Best Jeep 4WD Ever Made? - Poll


Jeep fans, today’s your chance to vote for your favourite 4WD!

Jeep have produced some amazing 4WDs over the years, but its time to draw a line in the sand and make a decision.

If you know anyone who should be voting on these polls, make sure you let them know.

Remember this will be going on every day this week, so make sure you touch base and find out which manufacturer is on each day.

The best Jeep 4wd still

The best Jeep 4wd still hasn't been made, its a Diesel JK Rubicon but the yanks only give us a V6 petrol. However Jeep Rubicon would still have to be the best equipped- off the show room floor 4x4 around!

Thats a nice looking JK in

Thats a nice looking JK in the poll :)

the best jeep ever made was

the best jeep ever made was only available in the states.
JK are way too plastic there not like the old wranglers it's more like a whole new breed of jeep.

The Grand Cherokee WH CRD

The Grand Cherokee WH CRD with the 3.0l Merc Turbo diesel and Quadra Drive II. The standard engine puts out a massive 510nm of torque. It is the best tow vehicle on the market in my view, I tow a 2.1tonne van and average 13l p/100k @ 90k per hour. Power continually goes to the wheel with the most grip. The transmission is merc designed, in low range both diffs lock.

Some years ago I was travelling between Mt August and Mt Tom Price in WA (very isolated never saw another person or vehicle all day). I was towing a Jayco Penguin Offroad Camper weighing around 1.2 tonne as well the vehicle was fairly well loaded within specs. The road passed through a sandy creek bed some 80 metres in length. When the vehicle reached an area where a previous vehicle had bogged it lost traction when the trailer reached the area and started to bog. So it didn't dig in I stopped the vehicle and engaged low range. The vehicle launched itself out of the situation and easily continued across the remainder of the crossing. So my view is that this vehicle is a weapon off road.

My second choice would be the Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon not too many standard vehicles are capable of doing the Rubicon Trail this vehicle walks it in.

Mine of course, A 2006 WH

Mine of course,

A 2006 WH Grand cherokee CRD for all of the above reasons and more.
As a all rounder it is the best, heaps of power 160kw, huge torgue 510nm, lockers and more. With some lift and bigger tyres it will go just about anywhere.
Then if your like me i can load up the Grand(about 3T all up) hook up my 3T off road caravan (thats 6T all up) and go anywhere you can get a rig that size.
And then when i get home i can even drive it to work, do all that use no more than 18L/100K's.
To me thats a great 4WD.

The WH CRD Grand Cherokee

The WH CRD Grand Cherokee takes a lot o beating, comfortable and very capable. My CJ10 is a great ute but lacks the creature comforts, my KJ 3.7 is good for DD duties but falls far short of the WH.
My 2c worth.

TJ without a doubt, sure they

TJ without a doubt, sure they have thier quirks but that just adds character.

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