Australia Day – What are Your Plans?

Australia Day – What are Your Plans?

In the eyes of many, Australia Day is merely the day you kick back, sit around the barbie and enjoy what it is to be Australian.

Historically, the 26th of January marks the landing of Captain Arthur Phillip at Port Jackson. According to an Australian historian, the date was saved by early settlers in the years after to celebrate with ‘drinking and merriment’. In other words, they’d sit around and have a few cold ones and more or less do exactly what we do these days. It’s always good to know our ancestors had the same thing in mind!

In 1946, around the time of the Second World War, the Australian Natives Associates (ANA) pushed for a Commonwealth-supported national day. After the waves of British immigrants in 1945 and new Australian citizenship becoming law in 1949, Australia Day held a more important role by inducting new Australians to the country through citizenship ceremonies.

In terms of 4WDing, nothing could be more Australian. Every time we pack the 4WD and head bush we’re honouring our early ancestors by getting out and exploring this country of ours.

So when you’re packing up the fourby out on the beaches or up in the hidden tracks on Australia Day, spare a thought for how we came about on this fine country of ours.

What are your plans for Australia Day?