Issue 169 Air Compressor Comparo Corrections


Issue 169 of 4WD Action featured our massive air compressor comparison, where we put 24 air compressors head to head in a variety of real-world tests. The aim was not only to test for the best performing air compressor, but also to find the best value compressor on the market. We spent six weeks putting each of the compressors through their paces, inflating and deflating tyre after tyre to measure performance.
Unfortunately a design error meant that the results tables were printed incorrectly in the article. This in no way affects the final results, but it does mean that you aren’t able to logically follow the scoring based on what is printed.
Below is a link to download the entire comparison free of charge, with the correct tables as per our testing. We would like to put our hands up and admit we made an honest mistake, and we hope that this fact doesn’t take anything away from the entire test.
The biggest issue here is the fact that the pricing table was substantially affected. This meant that all compressors were listed with incorrect RRPs – an extremely important point. The correct tables are displayed in the PDF linked below, but because we want to highlight the right information, they’re displayed here as well.
Our sincere apologies go out to our readers and the 4WD Action family, as well as the companies who stood behind their products enough to provide them for evaluation and extreme testing.

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