have never been prouder to be a 4WDer, and to be able to use the power and passion of 4WD Action and its readers to fight together for what we all live for – getting out there and seeing the best country on earth.

No doubt you would have seen on Facebook the response that you stirred up by joining me in my fight against worthless grubs trashing our precious campsites.

We even had councils contacting us saying how many of our passionate readers have written to them personally to let them know that it’s not real 4WDers who are the problem! It’s the germs who don’t care less about Australia, the bush and beach, and what it means to truly love 4WDing that are ruining it for all of us. You and I know it, and together, we’re making sure the rest of Australia knows it.

This got me thinking about all the fights 4WD Action and its die-hard loyal readers have joined forces in over the years. For some of our newer fans, you might not know that we were able to stop ridiculous bullbar legislation getting through parliament by banding together and fighting for what is right. I still remember the day the blokes back at HQ called me and Shaun when we were camped up at Coffs to tell us the government called them, and begged us to call you guys off. They told us the 70,000 emails they got sent by 4WDers in two days jammed their systems – what a victory that was for 4WDers across the country. And do you reckon those 70,000 emails came from the armchair experts who’ve never been out in the bush to appreciate it, or the grubs who leave rubbish at camp? Of course not! They came from the most passionate group of enthusiasts anywhere in Australia – the real 4WDers. We’re proud to call this magazine yours.

A similar thing happened with VSI 50 suspension lifts. We saw the rights and freedoms of honest Aussies getting threatened, and together with your help, we took on the government again and won. We helped halt impending legislation, which allowed time for tireless efforts by the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association to do the testing and prove scientifically and conclusively that lifting your 4WD by 50mm and adding a set of bigger tyres doesn’t automatically make it a hazard to other road users!

This year, Shauno, Graham, myself and the rest of the 4WD Action team have stepped it up a notch, and we are utterly blown away with how many of you are not only coming along for the ride, but jumping out of your skins to get involved.

I’m not going to back off from my fight to keep campsites open. And seeing as I’ve just hitched up the camper trailer and begun a trip around Australia, I’ll be staying at and fighting for plenty of the best campsites in Oz (not to mention the best fans too – if you see a bald bloke bogged in his 80 Series with the tide coming in, throw me a snatch strap will ya?). Shauno’s got some massive plans to get as many 4WDers who are down on their luck back out on the tracks as possible – stay tuned for them, because they’re huge, and they might even help you.

We’re also not going to sit by and watch hard-working Aussies pay more than they need to by being told they have to be swimming in cash to be able to afford good quality 4WD and camping gear, just to get out there. That’s complete and utter garbage. We’re going to tackle the shiny shoes and starched shirt brigade and the media outlets that back them but pretend to stand for the real 4WDers head on, and they’re not going to like it.

My advice to you is this – strap yourself in for one hell of a ride. This is going to be a massive year, and together we’re going to fight to make the lifestyle we all love better than ever. And as always, we don’t just want you along for the ride – we want you getting dirty with us!

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